Automation Increases Productivity


We are familiar, and possibly obsessed, with productivity and automation. We are always trying to get more done in less time and experimenting with various types of automation to increase productivity. 

Most of us our taught to believe that hard work equals high rewards. A worker receives praise for working endless hours, and most people are fueled by the belief that to earn money you must work harder. What if you could do the same amount of work in less hours?

Now, when does automation comes in? Can using various types of automation help with your productivity? How can you measure productivity?  Most business owners really do want to automate their business processes but are hesitant and overwhelmed by the technical knowledge required. 

What is Productivity?

Productivity can be measured by a simple equation. Output divided by input. The output can be sales or the amount of good/services produced. Examples of input can be capital, materials or labor. When the same number of products or services are produced while reducing your inputs, you are considered to be very productive. 


10,000 units produced/1,000 hours of labor = 10 units produced per hour

Most businesses are always looking to become more productive, finding new innovative ways to do so. Who wouldn’t want to save time, money, frustration and less room for error, just by implementing automation.

How Automation Increases Productivity

Automation increases productivity by saving time, money and fewer errors.Today, automation is everywhere. A simple example is bookkeeping. Once upon a time there were physical records and books where every transaction would be recorded. Now there are software programs and applications to make this frustrating task simple. The user can set rules so that the software can automatically categorize certain transactions to the correct categories. Not only has the task become simple but the programs simplify financial reporting, accompanied by downloadable worksheets, and with interactive online tools whenever you have a question.

Another great example is the automation of social media. One can create a multitude of social media posts and through automation programs those posts can be scheduled well in advance so that someone does not have to physically post on social media on the required days and times.

Every organization is trying to go further, faster. Businesses utilizing automation are reaching their goals quicker than their competition, by reducing the time required to do a task.

Automation can truly be beneficial for your business. Automating your business processes is essential for any growing company. It helps you save more time, space, money, workforce and sanity by automatically handling smaller, more menial tasks while you focus on scaling your business.